Why choose PASQUI for self-adhesive labels?

We differ from other self-adhesive labels printing companies for the fact that in our products and services we include qualified marketing consultancy for the identification of solutions with added value.

Thanks to the Pasqui Coating business unit, our production processes start from the design and manufacture of the best support for adhesive labels.

Not only efficiency in the results, but also effectiveness in the development of innovative labelss, in order to provide industrial customers with a plus in the competitive struggle on the global market.

Do you have technical problems? Take advantage of our Problem Solving: technical check-up and development analysis to create labels specifically designed to meet customer needs.

Looking for innovative solutions? Exploit the strength of our technical expertise: it is corporate property at the service of our customers, constantly renewed thanks to the consolidated synergy established with technology centres for advanced research and academic institutions specializing in applied R & D.

Do you have a target to be achieved? In the framework of Printing & Converting and self-adhesive labels production and printing, we study and offer the ideal advertising product to intrigue and capture new customers.


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